Accelerated Pre-K

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Accelerated Pre-K

Age Range:
5 years
Areas of Learning:

Early Readers program

Critical thinking

HighScope Active learning Framework

Accelerated Pre-K follows the structure and format of a Kindergarten school day. Your child will work on developing critical skills for elementary school, such as:

  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Taking turns
  • Managing work independently
  • Developing patience
  • Handling strong emotions
  • Following directions
  • Critical thinking (reasoning and analyzing).

Learning in this classroom is driven by the children and the pace of study is set by their specific needs and abilities. In our Accelerated Pre-K program, your child will not only get the traditional benefits of Pre-Kindergarten education, but also the advantage of program enrichments, including:

  • More individualized instruction through small class size
  • Highly trained teachers
  • HighScope Active Learning Framework®
  • Early Readers program

All these components promote mastery of Texas Pre-K guidelines and early exposure to TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills) Kindergarten readiness standards. During the year, you’ll receive learning progress and readiness reports from your child’s teacher and be well-informed during every step of your child’s ongoing journey