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Age Range:
3 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Sign Language

Language & Literacy


At Champions Academy, our main focus is on effectively preparing your child for kindergarten and a successful elementary career. We place a lot of emphasis on preparing children socially, emotionally, and academically for the transition into kindergarten.

Our Pre-Kindergarten Programs features:

  • An accelerated Pre-K reading and writing program,
  • Computers, writing stations, reading stations, and math stations,
  • Books, blocks, and puzzles,
  • Imaginary play,
  • Daily circle time to go over the days of the month, weather, letters and the sounds associated with them, along with numbers, colors, and shapes,
  • Sign language and Spanish.

Champions Play for an “A” in Pre-Kindergarten

The mission of our Play for an “A” program is to teach children about sports, physical fitness, and a healthy lifestyle. This program takes place in a fun and positive atmosphere, which allows them to build athletic skill and a love for sports and physical activity.

We focus on balance, coordination, and major motor skills in our “Play for an A” Program. Your child will spend 45 minutes in their daily PA class every day and get to participate in a variety of activities such as tumbling, soccer, and yoga.