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Age Range:
2 - 3 years
Areas of Learning:

Sign Language

Physical Fitness


Preschool is where a child’s love of learning starts to flourish. Our teachers channel the students’ energy into fun, enriching activities and introduce exciting ways to learn about new topics. Our Ascend Curriculum allows children to explore the world around them and guides them on exciting adventures.

It has been proven that children learn best through exploring and interacting with the environment around them. The teachers at Champions Academy and the Ascend Curriculum work hand-in-hand to encourage individual exploration. We want your child to learn, grow, and develop a deep love for learning. In our preschool classes, you’ll find:

  • Children engaged in board books.
  • Teachers reading to our children every day.
  • Teachers having circle time to go over days of the month, weather, letters and the sounds associated with them. Along with numbers, colors, and shapes.
  • Teachers interacting with students in sign language and Spanish to enhance their language skills.

Our Preschool classrooms are arranged to include:

  • Large open spaces for play,
  • Circle time for hands-on learning,
  • Learning centers for art, science, literacy, and math.

Our Indoor Gym

The mission of Play for an “A” is to teach children about sports, physical fitness, and living a healthy lifestyle. Our 5000 sq ft indoor gym is a fun, positive atmosphere that allows our preschoolers to grow athletic skill and a love for sports and physical activity.

Our “Play for an A” program focuses on major motor skills and helps with balance and coordination. We introduce new themes each week and educate children about their physical needs and how to live a healthy lifestyle. Each day your child will spend 45 minutes in a PA class and participate in activities like tumbling, soccer, and yoga.