Toddler Child Care

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Toddler Child Care

Age Range:
1 - 2 years
Areas of Learning:


Sign Language

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Toddlers are always on the move and make life fun! Everything can turn into a learning experience. Our highly acclaimed Toddler program uses the Ascend Curriculum, which includes Spanish, sign language, introduction to letters, numbers, and colors, as well as weekly themes and monthly Bible verses.

We strive to develop partnerships with parents and encourage open and frequent communication. Parents receive daily reports on nap schedules, toilet training, and meals.

Our classrooms are warm and offer a homelike environment where Toddlers can develop new skills across nine different learning domains. We pay close attention to the needs of each child and serve them accordingly. Toddlers activities include:

  • Books, blocks, and puzzles,
  • Learning centers for literacy, sensory, science, and art,
  • Action and reaction toys,
  • Hands-on projects that stimulate the mind and encourage the development of small motor skills,
  • A fun & safe 5,000 square foot sport court play environment for tumbling, playing, and imagination,
  • Lots of fun and hugs!

Goals of the Toddler program include:

  • Building language skills
  • Developing good citizenship
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Daily bible study

Above all, we want your toddler to feel like Champions Academy is their second home! Come and experience our loving, Christian-based atmosphere!